Telematics is defined as all solutions (hardware and software) designed for monitoring the operation of the refrigerating unit, the condition of the transported cargo, and the temperatures (setting, exhaust, and return). Also, telematics monitors the occurrence of alarms and the fuel consumption, and tracks the vehicle in which the unit is installed (with a GPS transmitter). The latter two functions are particularly useful in larger vehicle fleets and are a very effective cost reduction tool for fleet owners. Thermo King’s telematics solutions enable:

  • sending data on the temperature of the cargo in real time;
  • minimizing the risk of the cargo becoming spoiled;
  • ongoing monitoring of transport routes;
  • daily monitoring of data; and
  • monitoring of alarms.

As a result, then make it possible to achieve:

  • time, fuel, and cost savings;
  • more effective management of available vehicles; and
  • reduction of CO2 emission.

Data management can be divided into three principal categories: data recording, data transfer, and data management. Each of these stages has a dedicated Thermo King telematics tool.

Data logging

Data transfer