Driver’s cab

We offer two types of air conditioning units for the driver’s cabin: the electrical SR 10E and the bus engine fed SR 15 (with an external compressor). Both units ensure high comfort for the driver and are easy to install, operate, and maintain. The SR 10E can also be used in railroad vehicles and trolley/electric buses.

For optimum distribution of air in the cabin, in particular to ensure proper defrosting and defogging of the windows and heating the driver’s feet, frontbox type heaters are used. Their modular design allows for better fitting a given unit into the space available and also for directing the air onto the windows and/or the driver’s feet. The air can also be spread throughout the interior of the cabin, depending on the current need.

For further info, contact:

Adam Kowalczyk
phone: +48 609 744 474

cooling capacity do 3 kW (brak opcji grzania!)
heating capacity 700 m3/h
power supply 62 A @ 26 V DC
dimensions and weight 1303 x 670 x 224 mm, 54 kg
cooling capacity do 4,2 kW
heating capacity do 4,1 kW
efficiency of fans 816 m3/h
compressor TM 08 HD
power supply 15 A @ 24 V DC lub
28 A @ 12 V DC
dimensions 1010 x 1090 x 277 mm
Three basic versions - I, L , P
The possibility of placing a given frontboks vertically or horizontally
separate driver  
cooling capacity do 7 kW
heating capacity do 18,5 kW
capacity of the fans 750 m3/h
power supply od 18,9 A @ 27 V DC
dimensions and weight 468 x 222-575 x 349-534 mm, 16 kg