Green Thermo King

Thermo King put a lot of emphasis on ensuring that its products have the smallest possible negative environmental impact. In its manufacturing and distribution process, Thermo King applies the strictest standards and the materials it uses are recyclable. As a part of implementation of its environment-friendly strategy, Thermo King has elaborated a technology for using carbon dioxide (CO2) to control temperature in road transport. This break-through invention enables making the so-called cryogenic units, which are completely safe to the environment.

Following the example of Thermo King, we also strive to work in an environment-friendly manner in all aspects of our operations:

  • we use only environment-friendly refrigerating agents and  observe procedures that enable minimizing their environmental impact  (by, for example, using recovery stations);
  • we perform leak tests on refrigerating circuits to prevent loss of the refrigerating agent;
  • we implement and follow appropriate procedures for handling waste hazardous materials, such as storage batteries, oils, fuel, air, and oil filters, etc.;
  • we provide detailed information to our customers about the principles of proper operation of refrigerating equipment so as to minimize its negative environmental impact;
  • we conduct a number of educational campaigns for children and youth where we teach them how to dispose materials that are hazardous to the environment.

Thermo King – a truly green approach to business