New quality of management - Connected Solutions

Thermo King, leader of temperature control solutions in transport offers customers a Connected solutions package to monitor unit work and cargo condition. These solutions ensure the highest efficiency in the cold chain for goods transported in vehicles equipped in Thermo King brand units.

As part of the TK Tracking service offered by Connected Solutions you will receive access to your fleet and cargo through:

  • Internet platform TK Tracking which allows to control unit data (in real-time and in the past) and makes fleet and cargo management extremely easy.
  • TK Notify App enables to monitor Thermo King units technical parameters and receiving notifications about events happening on a the unit i.e: change of set-point, operating mode, low fuel level, temperature out of range or other information which are key for cargo load safety.
  • TK Reefer App which provides real time access to the virtual control system:
  • on SLXi units, for the drivers without leaving the truck cabin by using mobile devices with Bluetooth connection,
  • for the fleet manager to control all the units using GSM network.

User has access and may change the unit controller parameters i.e temperature set-point, operation mode, verifying alarm codes as well as turning off and on the unit.

  • Trailer Assist service, after activation customer can control his trailer condition. Depending on the modulator version in which the trailer is equipped the user has access to technical parameters such as: connection to tractor, axle load, information about alarm codes generated from the trailer modulator i.e loss of pressure in the pneumatic system as well as information about brake linings or wheel air pressure.

Thermo King is continually working on expending their offer. With the technological development, the Connected Solutions package will be much richer in new applications and services.

In order to use these solutions in your business please contact us.


Applications can be downloaded:

TK Notify
TK Reefer

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