Thermo King presents a new unit – full electric E-200

Unit E-200 is the answer to greater customer ecological awareness. It fits perfectly in the electrification trend in transport and the regulations concerning noise reduction and CO2 emissions. 

The new unit works independently from the vehicle engine. Furthermore it has excellent cooling capacity without discharging the vehicle battery.

The unit was designed as an plug-and-play option which eliminates problems and costs related to installation. E-200 uses multiple unique options including the dynamic controller which allows direct communication between the unit and the vehicle.

It’s also extremely quiet which allows to enter the urban zone (even at night) burdened by rigorous noise level requirements.

Thanks to its unique connection of control, comfort and reliability E-200 is an ideal full electric option for vans with engine or electric drive.

You will find more information about the new unit here and at our sales representatives.



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