TT-Thermo King at the TRANSEXPO 2018

And yet again TT-Thermo King took part at the International Public Transport Show TRANSEXPO 2018, which took place in Kielce between Oct. 23rd and Oct.25th. TRANSEXPO is one of the biggest and most significant events of the public transport trade in Central Europe.

The future of the public transport has to go in accordance with the principles of the „sustainable development” – hence the expansion of the modern and innovative technologies, based on different kinds of so called „clean energy”. There’s also a great demand for electric and hybrid buses, which seem to address the on-going issues with traffic intensity, air pollution or excessive noise. Thus, the offer from Thermo King fits perfectly in the current trends and expectations from the public transport trade.

At this year’s TRANSEXPO we were able to present a fully electric and hermetic Athenia™ E-700HP bus saloon HVAC unit, equipped with the heat pump. This innovative solution, developed with electro- and trolleybuses in mind, stands for the most efficient and economical way to ensure the thermal comfort for the passengers in terms of both, cooling and heating. This all happens thanks to the method of the reversible circuit of the refrigerant.

We do hope that new product from Thermo King will be warmly greeted by both, the bus manufacturers and the city transport operators (who, after all, are most interested in saving on operational cost of their vehicles in service), as well as the R&D centers, specializing in new, innovative and economical, passenger and environment friendly solutions and projects.

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