Parking air conditioning

We are an authorized partner of Eberspaecher and Webasto. We sell and provide comprehensive maintenance services on independent parking air conditioners of those companies.

We perform repairs in accordance with the manufacturer’s technology using original spare parts. Our staff is trained by the equipment manufacturers and we have specialized diagnostic equipment and direct access to the most recent technical information and, consequently, we guarantee the highest quality of the services we provide.

Parking air conditioning works independently of the vehicle’s motor, which means that no fuel needs to be consumed and no combustion gases and noise are emitted. It is supplied from the vehicle’s electrical system and the battery voltage control system protects the vehicle from excessive discharge of the battery. The cooling power depends on the conditions on the outside of the vehicle, exposure to sunlight, and the temperature inside the cabin. Operation of the unit is not inconvenient to the driver because the air conditioner is located outside of the cabin. The system is operated manually with an LCD panel located in the cabin or with a remote control.

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