Parking heating

We are an authorized partner of Eberspaecher and Webasto. We sell and provide comprehensive maintenance services on independent parking heating systems of those companies.

We perform repairs in accordance with the manufacturer’s technology using original spare parts. Our staff is trained by the equipment manufacturers and we have specialized diagnostic equipment and direct access to the most recent technical information and, consequently, we guarantee the highest quality of the services we provide.

We offer two types of heating: air and coolant heating. The air heating system, due to its low consumption of electricity, is proper for heating vehicles for many hours. A coolant system enables simultaneous heating of a vehicle’s interior and its motor, which facilitates easy startup and results in fuel savings, as well as protection of the motor and the environment. Both systems can take fuel directly from the vehicle's tank.

Parking air heating

Due to its quick and economical operation it is particularly recommended for lorries, delivery trucks, loading spaces, construction and agricultural machines, recreational vehicles, trailers, yachts, motorboats and sailboats. The operation of the air heating is fully independent from the engine and heating system of the vehicle. It provides warm and cosy interior of the vehicle, low power consumption and high heating power. The working principle of the system is very easy. A blower sucks cold air from the vehicle or from the outside, forcing its circulation through a heated heat exchanger. Here the air is heated and then it is blown into the heated cabin until its interior reaches required temperature. The system is operated with a controller located in the vehicle. It can be compatible with the THERMO KING unit controller. Some of the advantages of this type of heating are: to adjusting the temperature, activation with a timer, remote control, and heat emission right after turning on. The device can be installed in every vehicle. Usually it is mounted in the cabin or under the chassis.

Parking water heating

This product line is usually used in passenger cars and delivery trucks. They can operate in two configurations. The first option is working as additional engine heating. The other option enables heating the interior of the vehicle and preheating the engine before starting the vehicle. Water heating is installed in the engine compartment – it is connected to the water circuit in the vehicle. The working principle is easy. The unit heats up the fluid in the circuit. Then the fluid heats the engine and the generated heat is blown with fans directly into the heating and ventilation system of the vehicle. A digital clock enables programming of the heating. Thanks to the remote control you can turn the heating on and off from up to 1000 m. Aerating in the summer is another benefit.

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