Passenger space

Thermo King’s offer is among the largest and most comprehensive in the market. The universal Athenia series is intended for 8 to 18 m long buses and is supplemented with SR series air conditioners for buses traveling on intercity routes.

Thermo King is the only manufacturer that also offers sets that integrate a compressor, an evaporator, and a condenser in a single enclosure (intended for trolleybuses). The most recent proposal is the innovative Athenia D set which integrates a driver cabin air conditioner and a passenger space conditioner in a single enclosure!

For optimum distribution of air in the cabin, in particular to ensure proper defrosting and defogging of the windows and heating of the driver’s feet, frontbox type sets are used. One of their characteristics is modularity of design, which enables directing air onto the windows or the driver’s feet, or its distribution throughout the interior of the cabin, depending on the current need.

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