Refrigerated vehicle superstructure

We offer end-to-end solutions for carrying out a complete refrigerated vehicle superstructure.

We provide:

  • full range of Thermo King refrigeration units
  • delivery trucks and lorries of all makes
  • new and used refrigerated semitrailers
  • isothermal container superstructures in FNA and FRC versions compliant with ATP standards
  • van insulation in FNA and FRC versions
  • accessories: thermometers, open door sensors, fuel sensors
  • telematic solutions: temperature recorders, GPS system
  • servicing contracts, extended warranty
  • PHARMA qualifications necessary in pharmaceutics transportation
  • ColdCube mobile containers, used e.g. for transportation of pharmaceutics
  • beneficial conditions of financing

We will advise you on the best solution adjusted to your needs.

Everything in one place, done by the best specialists in the industry.

Detailed information will be provided by our sales representatives.