EK/DK Series

Split refrigeration machines

Low height truck bodies or through-loading trailers can be equipped with a split refrigeration machine consisting of the chassis mounted EK condenser unit and the RE evaporator unit installed in the load space. On the other hand, the DK refrigeration unit with the RE evaporator unit can be fully integrated into the roof of the body and is the ideal refrigeration machine for large-volume truck-trailer combinations and swap bodies.

 Main features:

  • Highest refrigeration capacity up to 23,600 W
  • Ø 50% less fuel consumption
  • Large heat exchange surfaces with high  efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant 410A
  • Most compact dimensions, GRP housing


EK 13 L

EK 13

EK 25 L

EK 25

DK 23

DK 25