Thermo King’s international service network

Thermo King is aware of the importance of reliability of equipment and service support in the temperature-controlled transport industry. This is why the company established a network of authorized service stations located in all countries of Europe that is the largest in the temperature-controlled transport industry. Each station employs properly trained and certified technicians who are ready to start repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Detailed information on Thermo King service stations worldwide can be found here: 

Moreover, in order to further enhance the safety of the transported goods, the company established the Thermo Assistance multilingual help desk, opened 24/7, which can be reached by calling 00800 80 85 85 85.

  • A Polish-speaking employee provides information about the location of the nearest service station and sends its address to the mobile phone number given by the caller. When reporting a defect, provide the operator with the following information: company name;
  • type of defect;
  • Thermo King unit model;
  • caller’s (or driver’s) telephone number;
  • vehicle plate number;
  • the caller and the operator must agree on the payment method (the details of the local dealer must be provided in a payment guarantee is used);
  • if the unit is covered by a service contract, the type of the agreement must be provided.