Spare parts

At TT-Thermo King’s service stations we offer only genuine Thermo King spare parts. The parts are made from the best material and in observance of strict quality control, are reliable and durable, and their offer a good value for the price. The subassemblies, parts, and consumable materials are made by carefully selected suppliers who can guarantee high quality and compliance with strict environmental protection standards. Thermo King makes sure that all its suppliers follow strict testing procedures. Subassemblies that are of key importance are tested at Thermo King’s laboratories.

 Thermo King offers a full assortment of spare parts; most of them are readily available at authorized service stations. Our offer includes:

  • refrigerating parts, such as compressors for all types of refrigerating units, decompression and solenoid valves, dehydrators, deoilers, evaporators, condensers, etc.;
  • parts for drive subassemblies, such as internal combustion and electric motors, V-belts and multi-groove belts, tighteners, rollers, shafts, etc.;
  • electronic and electrical parts, such as control systems, switches, circuit breakers, controllers, fans, turbines, etc.;
  • structural parts, such as unit frames, condenser and evaporator enclosures, complete covers of trailer type units, etc.;
  • fast-wearing parts and consumable materials, such as oil, fuel, and air filters, storage batteries, oils, coolants, etc.

We encourage you to become familiar with our broad offer of spare parts; regular customers can count on good terms of sales, to include discounts, long payment terms, and interesting promotion programs.