V series

                                                                                                                                             Refrigerating units of the V series are highly efficient units, designed to maintain the temperature of cooled, refrigerated, or deep-frozen products in cargo vans in the distribution sector. Their electronic controllers are installed in an easily accessible location to enable easy operation of the unit and temperature check without the need to leave the driver’s cabin.

In order to enlarge the cargo space, V series units are equipped with an ultra-thin evaporator installed on the ceiling inside the vehicle body. The evaporator is located on the front side or the roof of the vehicle body.

As a standard, the refrigerating unit is supplied from the vehicle’s motor. As an option, it can be provided with electrical power supply (400 V/230 V) and a heating function.


There are four versions of the V series refrigerating units:

  • 10 – units supplied from the vehicle’s motor;
  • 20 – units with a dual power supply – from the vehicle’s motor and from the electric system (400 V/230 V);
  • 30 – units supplied from the vehicle’s motor, equipped with a heating function;
  • 50 - units with a dual power supply – from the vehicle’s motor and from the electrical system (400 V/230 V), equipped with a heating function.



TouchPrint – a modern temperature recorder with a touch screen and an integrated printer.


Tailored servicing contracts

When you purchase a refrigeration unit, you can take advantage of our wide variety of servicing contracts. We have envisioned flexible solutions so that every customer will be able to choose a package that meets the requirements. See the details.


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