Mapping temperatures in vehicles

Mapping temperatures in vehicles in performed in static conditions and in real conditions of goods transportation. It enables you to see the real temperature distribution in the transportation process. Every test is performed after agreeing on precise customer's requirements and expectations. They condition the duration of the test and the number of tested points.

At the end of the process a detailed report with a description of the temperature distribution, graphical presentation, and statistics is generated. This knowledge enables the customer to eliminate potential deviations in the cold logistics supply chain. We provide high flexibility in selecting the test parameters – from a few to a several dozens measurement points in the vehicle. We perform mapping of all volumes: from small superstructures to refrigerating semitrailers.

This service is intended for producers of medicines and components, research companies, pharmaceutics wholesalers and chemist's shops.

Temperature mapping ensures having full knowledge of environmental conditions and can be the basis for qualification of means of transport in accordance with good distribution practice.